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    How are you handling rpmsave files that might be created following a Red Hat/Oracle Linux system update?

    Yanick Girouard

      When using BladeLogic to deploy rpm updates on Red Hat and Oracle Linux, it's possible that rpmsave files are generated. These files are important to flag as they require manual intervention to remediate.


      The output of yum (or blyum) does echo a warning when those are produced, but I don't know if they appear in the commit log of the BladeLogic job and even cause the job to end in error or warning (which it would need to).


      I have reached out to Red Hat regarding the handling of those files, and they created a QnA KA based on my questions:


      Recommendations on handling of rpmnew and rpmsave files following Red Hat Enterpries Linux system update - Red Hat Custo…




      As you can read, this is not something trivial that should simply be ignored, and any good linux sysadmin should know this.


      I was wondering how other customers were handling those when using BladeLogic as their mean to deploy patches on Red Hat and Oracle Linux? Are you using a post-command or a custom script to flag them after your deployment? Are you (until now) simply ignoring them?