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    Error when using Content Installer

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      Getting this error when trying to import 


      ERROR: blcli_execute UKBL ContentImportExport importTemplates d BL - Windows Inv

      entory.zip /BladeLogic Inventory Templates/BL - Windows Inventory  returned a no

      n 'true'.  Result is: true


      Error running content-loader-pdq.nsh

      Error running bl-win-inventory-install.nsh

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          Bill Robinson

          can you attach the content installer log ?

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            The log doesn't show any errors in it


            10/02-11:17:53 loading bl-aix-inventory template

            10/02-11:17:56 loading bl-hpux-inventory template

            10/02-11:17:59 loading bl-linux-inventory template

            10/02-11:18:01 loading bl-solaris-inventory template

            10/02-11:18:04 loading bl-win-inventory template

            10/02-11:24:36 Arguments: -v UKBL

            10/02-11:24:38 Finished parsing arguments.

            10/02-11:27:21 loading bsara-nshscripts template

            10/02-11:28:33 loading bsara-etl template

            10/02-11:30:56 Arguments: -v UKBL

            10/02-11:30:56 Finished parsing arguments.

            10/02-11:32:42 loading bl-aix-inventory template

            10/02-11:34:46 Arguments: -v UKBL

            10/02-11:34:47 Finished parsing arguments.

            10/02-11:35:33 loading bl-win-inventory template


            I'm running 8.5 BDSSA and 8.3 BSA there is BL inventory templates in there from BDSSA 8.3. So not sure whether I need to actually install these.

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              Bill Robinson

              you probably don't need to install the 8.5 ones.  i don't think we changed anything w/ what is in the template between 8.3 and 8.5...