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    RKM Advanced Search - Unable to search using Company filter

    Sandeep Das
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      For some knowledge articles on our environment (RKM 7.6.04 SP2) , if an advanced knowledge search is done by setting the company filter, the article is not returned in the search results. However, if the company filter is removed and a search is performed, the article is returned.


      During my investigation, I've found that the articles that have the field Company_Multi set to NULL are not found in an Advanced Search with company filter. If the Company_Multi field of the same article is then set to the article company and then the knowledge source re-indexed, then the article is found in an Advanced Search with Company filter.


      Does anyone else face this issue?


      A simple way to replicate is to search for published articles in your system that have Company_Multi set to NULL. Then try an search for this article using RKM Advanced Search feature and the Company filter set.