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    Snapshot Job goes into hung state on Solaris Box



      We are running inventory snapshot job on solaris servers but it it taking too much time(still the job is in running). When we have seen the job result it is shown on some of the servers the job is successfully completed but on some of the servers it is still in running.


      We have taken two solaris servers on which snapshot job got failed and we are facing two different issue while troubleshooting.


      1. On one of the server we have enabled debug Log of RSCD agent. After that when we were trying to restart RSCD agent service, it does not get started. No update in agent log file.


      2. On another server we have enabled the debug log and we ran the job on same. While analyzing debug log we have seen agent was trying to fire blprops command but there is nothing written after that.


      Any help would be appreciated.