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    Bad File Number error on blfs

    richard mcleod

      Seeing this error showing up frequently on jobs, has anyone else seen this yet? (occurs during compliance with auto-remediation during the creation or deployment of the auto remediation package)


      Error09/29/2014 15:56:59Error during auto-remediation: An error occurred while attempting to copy the file //blfs.domain.com/E/BL_DataStore/Storage/imported/1363963364194/blpackages/160409/grammars/resolv.gm to //blfs.domain.com/E/BL_DataStore/Storage/blpackages/115cb72f-2d6c-4b9f-8715-da5d8aaa5c25/grammars/resolv.gm.: com.bladelogic.om.infra.mfw.util.BlException: Bad file number;write error on "//blfs.domain.com/E/BL_DataStore/Storage/blpackages/115cb72f-2d6c-4b9f-8715-da5d8aaa5c25/grammars/resolv.gm"
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