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    Passing values from a loop in a compliance rule to remediation jobs

      With a compliance rule such as


      foreach "Configuration File Entry:/etc/resolv.conf//nameserver**"

         @"Value1 as String (All OS)"@ != ""



      is the a mechanism by which the values of @"Value1 as String (All OS)"@ which fail the test can be passed as a parameter to a remediation job?

      The intention is to be able to pass values to a remediation job to perform a specific modify or remove action on a configuration file entry without having to explicitly write compliance rules and remediation jobs for each possible entry value?

      While it would be possible to write external commands for the remediation job this implies duplicating the rule logic and adds the requirement for external undo commands.

      I've not been able to find an example in the BMC Content/ CIS/ PCI/ SOX templates. Does this suggest that there isn't a mechanism to achieve this in the manner I'm attempting and is there a relatively tidy way to achieve the goal "natively" with Bladelogic?