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    modify all for tasks issue

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      We recently upgraded to Remedy 8.1 from 7.5 and we used to use a feature in most of the sections of Remedy 7.5 called "Modify All". Now that we've switched to 8.1 the modify all option is there, but it's nearly useless. For instance, when I select all the tasks I'd like to close and then select Modify All I get errors that some of the default required fields are missing.


      This normally wouldn't be a big deal but there are fields that are required however they are greyed out and I can't enter any information in them. Does anyone know how to use the modify all feature in Remedy 8.1? For reference, I've included a screenshot of the error.


      Thank you!

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          You should be able to Modify All with the TMS:Task form as long as those tasks don't have dependencies (parents) that have to be closed, first.  I tested this in my 8.1.01 DEV environment and was able to accomplish it by:

          1. Select the Tasks you want to modify (any selected tasks may not have parents that are open)
          2. Select Modify All.  All the fields will go blank.
          3. Select Status -> Closed.
          4. Select the Dates Tab and be sure to input an Actual Start Date and Actual End Date.
          5. Select Save at the top left.


          Not sure if there is another base or back-end form to force close tasks without this effort...

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            Thank you so much Matthew! That worked great! I'm assuming this is the case with most objects in Remedy 8.1? For instance modifying CRQs and CIs?

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              Great!  The Modify All feature should work with most forms. Anything that is typically a unique field such as Name or Instance ID will be greyed out so you can't do a bulk change on them.  I definitely have used it many times on some object list forms to perform bulk changes, for example: to change status or people information.


              Just be sure to select the items you want to change, then select modify all, then fill in the information you want to change, then select save on the top left.  Keep in mind that some fields might be required (like those TMS:Task Actual Date fields) that may need to be filled in as well.