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    Has anyone tinkered with main.storage.cache.* Transmitter properties?

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      Hello all.


      Now that the Marimba BBCA Transmitter are 64bit we have changed the javaArgs to utilize the 8gb of RAM available.  It has improved the stability of our Infrastructure tremendously.


      Now we are looking at other Transmitter properties such as main.storage.cache.size and main.storage.cache.maxFileSize to improve the performance even more.  The default values appear to be ridiculously low by default (see below).  Has anyone else manipulated these properties?  Please let us know.  Thanks.



      main.storage.cache.size=20 MB, [By default this is enabled].
      Here 20 MB is related to total size of cache, The total size is collectively the size of all files in cache including index file and other files.Size doesn't depends on number of files in cache.


      main.storage.cache.maxFileSize=5 MB
      Here 5 MB is the maximum size of one single file in cache.