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    Two BSA Agents in the same host

    Edwing Vazquez Vazquez Carrillo


      Hi Team,




      Recently I’m working in a big Project that include a CLM 4.0 implementation (Scope: CLM,BBSA and BBPM). At the beginning we working with “Company A” in order to build a Architecture document using their own infrastructure and cloud perspective. But, for financial issues the  “Company A” decided request the infrastructure (For entire project) to another “Company B” (A and B belong to the same group).




      The problem is:


      - The company B have CLM 2.1 and they use this CLM for provisioning the virtual machines in the public cloud. (They install the BBSA “8.2” agent in order to control this VM’s)




      My philosophical question is:


      - Can exist a CLM inside another CLM (The two companies use BMC Products)?




      The technical issue that I see is:


      - When the company B provision a VM, they put the BBSA agent (8.2) to control this VM’s, but I need install the other BBSA agent (8.5) in order to made all activities for my project (Compliance, Audit and delivery software).


      - It’s possible use two BBSA agents in the same host (with different version and different targets)?



      The political issue that I see is:


      - This companies don’t work well together (This is the typical scenario for the parents with kids, one brother has his toys and the other brother has their own toys. The father says "Play together and share the toys") Interesting!!!...




      Relevant information:


      - Initial sizing infrastructure is at least for entire project 100 VM’s (ITSM/Reporting/Mobility with QA and Dev environments and CLM production env.)


      - The OS that we use in this project is 90% Linux red hat and 10% windows 2008




      My request is:

        - If you have similar scenario, please send us a comments or ideas on how resolve this issues, they are welcome.