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    Replace content of an MSI/Custom installable

    Steffen Kreis



      our Windows-Eng folks every now and then have the requirement to Change the content (Payload) of an MSI installable or a Custom Software Package.


      The reason why a new Object is not feasible is that this would require to relink all the Jobs and even BLPackages where this object might be soft-linked to,


      Up to 8.3.2 which we are using now BSA's offers this button to somehow replace the content




      However what this does is, it does not replace the content but actually merges it with the existing stuff.


      So when you have installer_a.exe on the FS and you hit that button and upload installer_b.exe as a replacement, you end up with having both installers on the FileServer and both would get copied.


      Is there any method on how to get around this ?