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    Extended object issues

      I am trying to create the following extended object in BladeLogic 8.2.01:


      if exist "c:\Program Files\Compaq\Hpacucli\Bin\hpacucli.exe" ("c:\Program Files\Compaq\Hpacucli\Bin\hpacucli.exe" ctrl slot=0 pd all show) else ("c:\Program Files (x86)\Compaq\Hpacucli\Bin\hpacucli.exe" ctrl slot=0 pd all show)


      This is because the command line utility location varies on different environments.


      I am running the above as a remote execution resulting with the following error:


      I have also tried this as a central execution with a preceding nexec -i -ncq ??TARGET.NAME?? cmd /c.


      However this fails also?