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    Can you compare Installed Software against a ‘System of Record’

    James Donohue

      Hi Community,


      (Windows Server)

      I’ve been asked to compare the Installed Software on a Server against a defined Software list. I know I can audit/run compliance against any Software Product on a Server but I’m not sure if BSA would allow me to compare the installed software against a list of software in a text file other than manually creating a Compliance Rule for each Software Product. I don't think I can use Auditing because there will be times when we will install a 'Bundle' of Software to several Servers at one time. Right after the bundles finish installing, we want to check each Server to make sure that all Software has been installed and configured correctly as specified in the Software Product Manifest (i.e. Text file) 


      If I was to do this via legacy scripting, I would create a script (i.e. PowerShell) that consumes the Master Software list txt file and then check the Server for each Product. I would continue this until I went through every record in the Master Software list txt. The Script would repeat this for every Server I want to check. I would then spit out (to the console and/or a final text file) the results. I want to achieve the same results via BSA.