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    BladeLogic Console Update Issue

      I have an issue. We just upgraded from 8.5.00 to 8.5.01 SP1 and we're having problems with the Console Update Service. It prompts correctly:




      However, on my Application server, I keep getting this error whenever I try and connect to download the update:


      [12 Sep 2014 18:12:07,449] [Client-Connections-Thread-1] [WARN] [<ACCOUNTID>:Anonymous:<IP>] [Client] Cannot set impe

      rsonation credential, reverting to legacy user mapping: Access Denied Server.Read on <FILESERVER>


      It's driving me nuts. It looks like it doesn't authenticate to the Role before trying to download the .exe package. We use RSA SecurID. The File Server logs contain absolutely nothing and the blasadmin show ConfigManagerUI ConsoleInstallerLocation is correct:




      Anyone have any ideas on this?

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          Bill Robinson

          ?this is a recently discovered issue.  you are right - the gui is not prompting for the role before trying to get the console installer.  you can put in an entry like 'Anonymous:* rw,map=xxx' in the users.local where the console installer is stored and that should get past the initial permission issue.

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            I did try that previously and it didn't work. I'm wondering if it has something to do with our NSH proxy. I made note of another comment you made in regards to a having multiple roles in an NSH proxy'd environment, and created a user with a single role. That didn't address the problem either, even together. It still presents the same error.

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              Bill Robinson

              there is a fix in the works for this - if you open a support issue we can associate the defect w/ your case so you can track it.


              So - if your user is in multiple roles w/ the NSH_Proxy.Connect authorization the installation will hang because either it doesn't get the role and gets stuck or it prompts for the role and you don't see it ( i forget what we found exactly).


              So, a few things to check:

              - users.local should have Anonymous:* rw,map=xxx

              - the server object in bsa for the location of the console should have Server.Read for the role attempting to run the upgrader

              - if the user is in more that 1 role, I *think* that you can use blcred to get creds, then set the BL_RBAC_ROLE_NAME env variable to the role, and then launch the console from the same cmd window