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    BSA Database – Oracle RAC downtime

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      Bladelogic Database is hosted on 3 node Oracle RAC. There are 10 App server instances (jobs, config servers) connects to Oracle RAC. Currently ORACLE SCAN is used Load balance the connections. All App server instances have SCAN Host name details.


      For OS patching purpose these database required to be rebooted. As All Application server dynamically connects to RAC nodes there is no way bladelogic can control which node to connect. If we decide to bring down databases in rolling manner still it will all database connections open on that database node (so will impact the jobs using that particular database connections).    


      I am thinking of manipulating the scan hosts such that all new Db connections will point to single host and then restart jobs servers (graceful restart .. stop when all thread finishes ) .. slowly move all jobs servers single Database instance.  I am not sure how reasonable and effective this would be considering giving maintenance window of few hours.


      Requirement is very stringthforward; bring down database nodes one by one without impacting single job in bladelogic. Have anyone seen similar situation before ?  Any suggestions/input are most welcomed.