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    When did BSA introduce this operand?

    richard mcleod

      Was checking through some compliance templates post upgrade to and found a rule failing...


      "File:/tmp/me.txt".Contents equals "hello"


      The files' only contents were the string "hello", yet the rule would fail.


      I changed the rule to ' equals (ignore extra white spaces) ' and it now is compliant. Turns out the file had a \r\n after the string.


      Was pretty confident this rule was successful in the past with just 'equals'.


      When did BSA add the following operands? I don't see them listed here: Operand data types and operator compatibility - BMC Server Automation 8.5 - BMC Documentation


      equals (ignore extra white spaces)

      equals (case sensitive and ignore extra white spaces)


      By adding the above conditions, did that change the way 'equals' worked?


      Are there any other operands that have changed to absolutely literal?