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    Elegant file delete using BSA?

      Good morning all!


      I have been tasked with what seems like a simple task, but I have hit some road blocks and figured I would ask you all to see if you might have some idea how to handle this.


      Here is my dilemma I have an sFTP server that is used by a multitude of users. 99.999% of these users are not very tech savvy and don't have a firm grasp on good practices for naming conventions. These users like to add things with spaces in path/files names along with adding extended characters to files (example "/sftp/home/usera/data/Collections directory Northeast/jack's current colletions files&colleted.xls").For the most part these are pretty easy to handle inside '' however this doesn't handle the extended char sets and I have to manually re-write the remove string to escape what can be escaped (#$%&). If this were not the case a simple cron job with find and an exec would work, but alas I hit these issues.


      I could go down the route of writing a Perl script to do this, but I do not want to have to maintain that since most of my team has no idea how to write Perl. With that being said I wanted to see if we could accomplish things inside BSA.