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    Do batch jobs pre-stage content?

    richard mcleod

      This is a bit weird. We have a batch job (set to execute by server) that "hardens" a box and readies it for use within BL. The piece that is concerning to me is the Pushing of ACLs.


      We have a job that uses blcli to set the object permissions + policies on the server.


      blcli -r BLAdmins Server applyAclTemplate $HOSTNAME $SYSTEMNAME true


      the $SYSTEMNAME variable is a server property fed in through a parameter


      After this runs the server object is properly permissioned at an object level, ~8 different policies are added.


      Later in the job we run a Push ACL job against the target. This is where the problem is seen. After the push, we only see the BLAdmins ACLs in the users file. If I right click the server object and choose push acls or even execute this Push ACL job against the target, it receives the proper ACLs in the users file.


      Question is, does the batch job stage it's content when initiated? Any way around it?