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    Audit & Snapshot Jobs

    Rob Slattery

      Hello everyone.  Snapshot jobs can take a snapshot of a server(s) configuration and you can use it to compare it with a previous snapshot.  Audit jobs are similar because they allow you to take snapshots of components and server objects and compare as well.


      However, other than what the documentation says about the differences between the two, I have two questions for the community:


      1. What is a good rule of thumb for deciding when you would use one or the other?

      2. Would you, can you, use both and Audit job and a Snapshot job together?


      Here are the links I've been reading:

      Snapshot: Creating and modifying Snapshot Jobs - BMC Server Automation 8.3 - BMC Documentation

      Audit: Auditing - BMC Server Automation 8.3 - BMC Documentation