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    Issue with Upgrade to 8.1

    Rakesh Jajper
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      Hello All,


      I have successfully upgraded ARS & Atrium Core from 7.6.04 to 8.1, but when I am upgrading ITSM from 7.6.04 to 8.1 installation completed successful with warnings.

      When I checked html logs for each modules it showed that some def files failed to import, for example:

      d:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCRemedyITSMSuite\Workflow\install\8.1.01_fresh_install\integrations\chgfnd\workflow\en\chgfnd_deplapp2.def


      d:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCRemedyITSMSuite\Workflow\install\8.1.01_fresh_install\integrations\astfnd\workflow\en\astfnd_deplapp2.def


      There were some data files also failed to import. Has any one faced similar kind of issues.

      arerror.log has no errors during installation time.