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    BL Package MIgration from 7.6 to 8.1

      Hi All,


      We have around 150 BL packages/Software Deploy packages/Patch Install Packages which are curretnly in 7.6 Env and running fine. Now as part of our Bladelogic server automation 7.6 to 8.1 Migration we want to migration all those BL Packages to 8.1 env too. Both the enviornment we want to run parallel for timebeing.


      7.6 Env is hosted on Solaris platform and cleints are Mixture of Windows, Solaris and Linux,

      8.1 Env is hosted on Linux platform and clients are Mixture of Windows, Linux and Solaris.


      As this is different versions so it will not support Export import features of Bladelogic.


      Can anyone suggest me, please how can we get those package migrated to 8.1 Enviornments.

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          Bill Robinson

          Get a couple test boxes, install a database.  copy the 7.6 db into the test one, setup a 7.6 appserver connected to this db.  upgrade to 8.1.  export.  import to the 8.1 env.

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            Thanks for Quick response Bill. There is no other option except this ? as this would be like setting up a whole new environment.


            Also we can not upgrade out current 7.6 PROD env as it is highly used by teams and huge customized enviornment. Any other automation or scripting approach to extract the packages from /nsh/storage/blpackages and building those to 8.1 enviornment.


            If there is no other option except the solution given by you Bill, we have to copy our FileServer also from current 7.6 PROD enviornment to 7.6 Test enviornment ? As we have around 1 TB data on FileServer on PROD and copying it to Test Database is not easy due to space issue ? Also how the packages would be exported ? can you pelase give some light on it ?

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              Bill Robinson

              The reason you can’t export/import from different versions is due the schema changes in the database and the lack of a standalone tool that could take an export from one version and convert it to another or something like that.


              It’s not really a full env setup here – you could even do it on a single box depending on how large your db is and such.