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    Patching  of Microsoft Office 2013

    Erez Frenkel

      Hi All,


      Does anyone know if BSA 8.2.04 support patching  of office 2013?


      At the customer site we can't add it, and via the BMC bdc (gss) with BSA 8.5

      The office 2013 is available



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          Jim Wilson

          I'm pretty sure this is publicly available, but if you can't reach it, let us know.



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            Joe Piotrowski

            Jim, can you clarify the KB you linked? As a note it says:


            "Although this file can be used for all versions of BSA 8.2.x, the filter for Windows Server 2012 will only be successful for BSA 8.2.04 which is the version where support was introduced."


            How does this apply to the Microsoft Office 2013 filter? How do we know what versions of 8.2.x, 8.3.x, 8.5.x, etc support this filter?

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              Jim Wilson

              Hi Joe,


              Further down in the KA it says:

              Added Product Category:

              • Microsoft Office 2013


              The goal of this KA is to consolidate overrides for the Patch Filters that have been created from a number of sources into a single centrally accessible file.


              There is also an IDEA mention in the the KA and we'd like everyone to vote it up to help persuade the Product Mangers to develop a fully productized solution.

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                Joe Piotrowski

                I saw that. And it posted a date it was added (12/14/2013). But what does that mean? We can add this Office 2013 filter to any BSA version and it will work? The reference to Server 2012 was confusing in that regard.

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                  Jim Wilson

                  Hi Joe,


                  The Windows Filter Configuration File feature was added to the Patch Global Configuration area in BSA 8.2.01 to enable user overrides to the built in values.


                  The file attached to the KA will add all the mentioned updates.


                  But, just because a product category is added to the selectable filters via The Windows Filter Configuration File, it doesn't guarantee that the version of BSA will be able to process the patches.


                  For Windows Server 2012, there are specific concerns which we have tried to call out.


                  For the other updates included, we have not seen any problems, so the OP should be able to take this override file and then be able to add Microsoft Office 2013 to the Patch Catalog, and be able to successfully perform all patch activity.


                  It *is* a bit confusing, so please vote up the IDEA :-)


                  Thanks & Regards,