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    One adapter two LAPs

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      I have configured a single command line adapter called CommandLineAdapter and enabled it on two LAPs, LAP2 and LAP3. When creating a workflow, how do I specify which LAP I want to run my command line process on?

      Thank you.

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          Hi Ben,


          There is a option in process property named as peer location. after selecting peer option the next option will be enable i.e. peer name where you can mention the name of peer on which you want to execute the workflow.




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            Thank you, is this the best practice? or should I have two adapters with different names?

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              Hi Ben,


              No need to configure two adapters with different names because enabling unnecessary adapters might be affect performance. because after particular time interval the adapter verifies the configuration that you mentioned.

              So we can say that, this is the best way to provide the name of peer so that your workflow will use the adapter from given peer.




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                Richard De Vries

                Although currently possible, specifying the AP/LAP to run on within the workflow properties should not be considered best practice. Essentially you are loosing any kind of HA in case your LAP goes down. Over time, as your module/workflow collection will continue to grow, you will have forgotten all about that setting and wonder at that time why your workflow isn't running/functioning properly even after migrating your adapter from LAP2 to LAP3.


                I don't know what your reason is for only wanting to run your workflow off of a dedicated LAP, but if you really must and if it were up to me, I would manage that via the adapter names.



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                  In one workflow I need to run a netsh command to reserve an IP address, this can only be run on my DHCP server, all my other workflow that rely on the command line adapter are calling scripts that reside on a separate server

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                    Ranganath Samudrala

                    Then you definitely need to use two adapter names. One that services netsh commands and another one for rest of them. Apparently you are not using two adapter s for the sake of HA.

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                      I don't have any HA peers installed/configured, this is a small development environment (for now)

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                        The process property to specify a peer to run on doesn't actually work, and even if it did doesn't control where the adapter request will be serviced.  So I've unmarked the correct answer.


                        Specifying the a peer in the "Call Adapter" activity in your workflow does work tho, but I'd recommend against going that route.  You are way better off having a second command adapter running on DHCP LAP named differently than the generic command adapter enabled on both LAPs.  Richard has hit the nail on the head with his answer about best practice.


                        Another way to handle it, if it works for you, is to SSH (or telnet) into the DHCP server.  This will work no matter where the SSH (or telnet) adapter is activated, even if that adapter is on the LAP on that server already. Overly complicated?  Probably.  But it has the advantage that is is completely location agnostic right up until logging it does the SSH (or telnet).

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