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    Extend Sybase Database Size for CTM/EM version 6.2.0

    Yuxin Xu
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      Would anyone provide me some documentations of how to run "db_extend_sybase" script on Control-M/EM side? Thanks a lot in advance!

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          vikas jha

          This is what all i can find related to db_extend_sybase in the document


          Database Size

          Enlarges the data portion of the Control‑M/EM database. Depending on the type of database server installed, this option runs thedb_extend_sybase or db_extend_oracle utility. When the utility runs, you may be prompted for the following data:

          • Password for the sa or SYSTEM user.
          • Oracle: Name of the existing device you want to extend.
          • Sybase: Name of a new device that you want to extend.
          • Size in MB of the additional space to allocate.
          • Full path for the device.
          • Size (in MB) to which you want to extend the device.




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