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    No authorization to access the host

    Somnath Shilimkar

      Hi All,


      I am using BBSA 8.5 in my environment.

      i also have one server on which i have created windows AD domain named as, corp.som.com

      inside this domain there is user--> Adminitrator, sshilimkar


      now i also have another server which is on same network but not in domain corp.som.com. instead it is workgroup server.

      in this workgroup server i have user Administrator with same password as user on AD server. means both users have same username and password.


      Now real issue started here, i installed RSCD agent on this workgroup server and try to add it in BBSA. and while adding error came.

      No authorization to access host.


      i searched on community on below link and found that this issue is due to ACL files like user,users.local and exports.


      but when i checked inside exports file i have made correct entry. *  rw,user=Administrator

      also there are no entries in the user and user.local files.


      i have attached rscd.log file for reference.


      Thanks in advance.



      Somnath Shilimkar