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    What are the implications of removing "Everyone.Read" ACL Permissions globally

    Chad Johnson

      We are trying to get to a point where individual roles only see, in the console, the content accessible via their role.  Currently "Everyone.Read"
      is set on almost every item in bladelogic. 


      What are the implications of removing this globally?  Does anyone know of any pitfalls to doing this?  I understand that anyone relying upon "Everyone.Read" because their role does not explicitely have access will be affected and that is to be expected (as well as the desired outcome).


      Also, the role "Everyone" is not visible in RBAC Manager when logged in with RBACAdmins role.  Is this a natively understood role or should it be visible in RBAC Manager?  Since it is not visible in RBAC Manager, should I need to re-apply it after removing it how would I go about this?