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    Re: Create ComponentException with referenceNumber by script

    Frank Cochet

      We are running BL 8.5.0 and want to copy component exceptions from one component to another component using scripts, to avoid that users have to redefine them every time a new version of a component template is released.


      We use "blcli_execute ComponentException createComponentExceptionWithOneRule" to create a component exception and that requires the fully qualified name of the compliance rule the exception has to be added to.


      The question is how we can fetch the fully qualified name of a compliance rule added to an existing exception. Below sequence returns the fully qualified name of the component exception rather than that of the compliance rule.



      blcli_execute ComponentException getComplianceRules (returns compliance rules of exceptions)

      blcli_execute ComplianceRule getFullyQualifiedPath



      Does anybody know how to get that?