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    Auditpol in extended object.

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      I want to use auditpol on 2012 targets to create rules based on the output. I have something like this:

      auditpol.exe /get /category:\* as my extended object. Not using nexec, when I do use nexec, the command errors out (127/87)


      This is fine for 2012, but I have components created from 2003 (auditpol wasnt available until server 2008 I think) so I always get an error on the rule. I have tried to:

      exclude 2003 servers in the extended object

      redirect the error using 2> NUL


      I have not been able to get either of these to work. I would like to exclude the extended object from running on 2003 servers or find a way to redirect stderr in the extended object.