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    Replacing BSA servers

    Jim Campbell

      Would this work for replacing an existing Bladelogic server that is on an old OS and old hardware?


      1) Build a server with a modified name e.g. 'bladelogic-new' on new OS/hardware

      2) Install BSA appserver on 'bladelogic-new'

      3) Temporarily run with existing and new servers i.e. both 'bladelogic' and 'bladelogic-new' running at the same time.

      4) Eventually turn off services on the old server 'bladelogic', rename 'bladelogic' to 'bladelogic-old', and get a new IP for the renamed server

      5) Assign the IP previously used by 'bladelogic' to the 'bladelogic-new' server

      6) Rename 'bladelogic-new' to 'bladelogic'


      The idea is to have everything working the same as it is now but with the application server running on new hardware/OS.  If something goes awry then we simply turn off services and swap the names and IPs again to get to the same state. 

      I am guessing this would leave an old unused entry for the 'bladelogic-new' name in the APPLICATION_SERVER table in the database, but does that harm anything?