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    "File Not Found" in TFTP Request

      Hello all,


      I am having an issue when trying to provision a RHEL 6.4 server. The pxe pick up the DHCP address but the TFTP cannot get the boot file to boot up. The messages in TFTP log file are


      [INFO] Requested filename : pxelinux.0

      [ERROR] File not found : /tftproot/X86PC/pxelinux/pxelinux.0

      The problem is, this "pxelinux.0" file is actually there!


      I have checked that the tftp server is started.


      I am using the same RHEL server as BSA application server, TFTP server and DHCP server. I am using Win2008 as database server. My BSA console version is 8.5. (Note: I have deleted option 60 in dhcp.conf file. If option 60 is added, the error becomes PXE-E55: ProxyDHCP server did not reply to request on port 4011).


      Has any one encountered this before? How can I tackle it? Thanks!