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    Germany User Group

    Sean Berry

      Is there an active Germany or Italia BSA User Group?  If not, let's start one.  Would SAP, Vodafone, Commerzbank, Amadeus,DB, Telecom Italia, others like to participate?  Friedrich Rath, Kees van de Kreeke, Dominic Wellington.

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          Steffen Kreis

          Hi Sean,


          sounds great. Let's do it !



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            Friedrich Rath

            Hi Sean,


            join the group




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              Friedrich Rath

              Hallo Herr Kreis,


              Sollen wir nicht eine Datacenter Automation Gruppe anlegen?


              Sonst haben wir eigentlich folgendes Bild früher oder später:


              1) Server Automation

              2) Database Automation

              3) Atrium Orchestrator

              4) Netzwerk Automation

              5) Automation Portal


              Eine DCA Gruppe (Deutsch) wäre denke ich doch effektiver, spätestens beim Portal laufen ja alle Lösungen in der Zukunft sowieso zusammen.




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                Hallo Herr Rath,


                Personally, I'm not convinced that a combined group would work so well.  Sure, the Server Automation and Automation Portal could well be combined, but in my experience, it's often different teams working with the different products and they have little interest in what's going on elsewhere.  For example, the network team who use Network Automation don't care how you're managing your databases - as long as what you're doing doesn't break their network.


                I wonder if combining everything into a single DCA group would dilute it to such an extent that people would be less likely to get involved, whereas people working on a single product might be more open to a focused user group.


                What is BMC's experience of this in other locations?


                God bless,


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                  Friedrich Rath

                  Hi John,


                  Ok, understood, my idea behind that was that we have not so much users in Germany for each product category.

                  and don’t misunderstand me, but if someone only use BNA and see some conversation on other automation products, could help anybody.


                  Thank you for your support and input, this is the reason for a user Group to share and discuss ideas.

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                    Karim Brown

                    Hi Sean,

                    good Idee , let's do it.

                    @Friedrich & @Kreis: Die Welt ist wirklich klein oder?

                    Die Idee ist super. In anderen Sprachräumen gibt es schon sowas. Beispiel sucht nach "Math Lorenceau".

                    Also bin jedenfalls dabei.




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                      Karim Brown

                      I mean Matt Lorenceau