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    CTM won't connect t Mainframe after IP address change

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      We installed a new mainframe and changed the IP address from xx.xxx.66.20 to xx.xxx.66.21 and now our CTM server is not connecting. The mainframe is a zBC12 2828 mainframe running z/OS 1.13 as the operating system. Can you let me know if it's the IP address change that is not allowing it to connect? Thanks

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          Paul Robins

          Hi Darrin,

          You may need to clarify your issue somewhat. Presumably when you say CTM server is not connecting you mean that the gateway defined in the Control-M Config Manager under EM won't connect. I will assume that the gateway definition has been updated with the new IP address.

          So, is the new mainframe running the same version of Control-M for z\OS?

          Is the IOAGATE started task running with the appropriate application server?

          Are there any network ACLs or firewalls that need to be updated for the new IP address?

          Your gateway log may give you more information as to whether this is a direct network connectivity issue or a software issue.

          Hope this helps.