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    Audit Process

      Hi all,

      Is there a way to Audit a running process with Server Automation?

      I have a program that should be running 24/7, but sometimes it shuts down unexpectedly. I have a PowerShell script that is executed by a scheduled task, which starts the process if it isn't running.

      Is there a way to do this with BladeLogic?



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          Jim Wilson

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            Monoj Padhy

            this can be done in multiple way.


            1 scripting method

            2 compliance check

            Here is just a overview to begin with. If you could more specific then their may be better way to this problem statement.


            create a NSH script and check if the process is running. If not then start the process.

            Now you can schedule this job and this will run at a specific interval (every 1 hr) and if the process is stopped then restart.


            In the same you can also go with compliance check for the process in question.

            Verify if the process details available in BSA by default. If not create a Extended object (this need a script). In the script determine if the process is running. If found non compliant then deploy some package. A package can be anything (here you need to create a package to start the process)

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              Don Kim

              You already have what you need to start it if it isnt running, so you need a way to find out if that program is running. Live browse a server with the program installed. Select services and view the metadata and right click on it to see the actions you can perform. You can include that program as part to an  audit job. For example state=running or action on failure = restart. You can do this by right clicking and selecting audit and creating the job.

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                Bill Robinson

                bsa is not the right tool to do this.  if you are trying to monitoring running processes you should use a tool designed for that.  like patrol.