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    Custom partitioning SUSE 11 SP3

    Sorin Gancea


      My customer requires a custom partitioning for their provisioned servers and I tried to create the partitions per script (Use script for disk partitioning). When I tried to provision a server with this system package it failed and the error message was that in the autoyast.xml are malformed entries. Please find attached the autoyast.xml file.

      The partitioning script wasn't embedded as a taged element, it was just added as plain text in the autoyast file.

      SUSE documentation (https://www.suse.com/documentation/sles11/singlehtml/book_autoyast/book_autoyast.html#createprofile.scripts) says that custom script types (pre-scripts, postpartitioning-scripts, etc) can be embedded in autoyast using required tagging so I modified the autoyast file accordingly (see: custom_autoyast.xml).

      By provisioning using this system package with a custom autoyast file no custom partitions were created and my custom pre-script was ignored.

      Do you have ideas?

      Thanks in advance, Sorin