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    Components are getting created for deleted instances

      Hello all,


      recently I am working on compliance template creation and facing below issue -


      1. I have created Component template, under the local properties I have added few custom properties like file path and file name.

      2. I created 4 instances for local properties of Component template.

      3. I executed discovery job and found 4 components get created for respective server. lets say it is serverA.

      4. Now for other server lest say serverB I need only 2 components to be there so I deleted all 4 instances and also deleted discovered component under Component template.

      5. I created new 2 instance for local properties of Component template and executed discovery on serverB.

      6. Now under component template I can see 6 components get created for serverB instead of 2 only.


      am I missing something here or this is how it should work, I believe there should be only 2 component get created.

      I have tested this on both BSA 8.3 and 8.5