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    Passing Parameters to Windows 2003 Servers using BMC RPD

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      Good afternoon. I'm using BMC Release Package & Deployment Tool to deploy packages to Windows 2003 servers.


      Using either the Command line or Action script I'm finding that when it comes to folders with spaces in the names, there seems to be an issue. If I put the names in quotation mark, using the command line, when the package runs, it strips out the quotation marks and the package then errors out.


      If I exclude the quotation marks, I receive the following errors "Invalid number of parameters; Error executing action on remote host". If I try to pass the parameters over via the action script it also errors out.


      Using the 8.3 convention where the folder name is concatenated to use ~1 poses problems as when it's passed over to the server, it doesn't convert it to the appropriate long filename but stays in the 8.3 format. I've included below a sample of what the folder names look like.


      set source=D:\aaabbb\"ABC-DEF"\"ABCD EFGH IJKLMNO PQRSTUVWXY"


      set destination=D:\Deliveries\"Backup_08082014"\"ABC-DEF"\"ABCD EFGH IJKLMNO PQRSTUVWXY"


      set backupcmd=xcopy /s /y /i


      %backupcmd% %source% %destination%