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    BLFS randomly erroring with file does not exist

    richard mcleod

      Noticing random auto-remediation BLDeploy jobs are failing with No Such file or folder found  or file does not exist errors. The source location is the directory on our fileserver under the blpackages folder.


      sample error:

      ErrorAug 7, 2014 7:49:16 PM//blfs.domain.com/E/BL_DataStore/Storage/blpackages/3a8055a6-8676-47d8-a31c-a4a158a3e393/bldeploy.xml does not exist.


      The rscd log on the fileserver is clean for the timeframe where the job is executing.


      The storage in question here is DFS replicated, a line count of `ls -l //blfs/path/blpackages` shows ~45000