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    Redirect URL in Tomcat

    Rakesh Jajper
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      Hello Experts,


      We have two Mid Tiers Server 1 & 2, one with just Mid Tier and other one with SSO and Mid Tier running.

      Now as we have Server 2 with MidTier and Atrium SSO UP and running, we would like to redirect any request come to Server 1 to Server 2.


      We have all users accessing Server 1 right now, and we just looking for method if we can internally redirect from Server 1 to Server 2.


      If someone hits: http://Server1:8080/arsys , it should redirect to http://Server2.comp.com:8080/arsys


      Can someone help us how we can do that.


      Server 1 & 2 both have Apache Tomcat running on Windows machine.


      Please let me know if any more details needed here.



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