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    BSA DHCP scope option

    Siddu angadi



      My current customer is not ready to create 211 and 212 option, they are telling these are non standard scopt option and asking to use existing standard scope options ( 66 and 67 ).


      is it possible to use existing scope option which are not 211 and 212?




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          Bill Robinson

          These are two different things…



          66 and 67 tell a pxe client where to get the tftp image.  In bsa, the pxe server will hand these out after talking w/ the bsa db.  you cannot use the dhcp server to hand these out.


          211 and 212 are used after the target has booted into a pre-boot environment to tell bmi how to talk to the bsa appserver.    if they won’t create them in the dhcp server, then you can setup pxe in the ‘multi-db’ mode (but w/ just 1 db) and have pxe also hand out 211 and 212.  But then you must disable auto-discovery.  So it’s better to create the 211 and 212 options and set in the dhcp scope.