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    TMART 4.2 sp1 Execution Server on MS Server 2012 r2



      Has anyone attempted to use a TMART Execution Server on a MS Server 2012 R2?


      It installed without error, also adding the SP1 and the HeartBleed patch.


      I am trying to validate that different types of monitors function.


      When trying a monitor that uses the 'Built In' browser type, I ma getting


      'Unsupported Internet Explorer version, version 9.11 not supported.


      Wondered if anyone else has tried?


      Thanks for your input.


      Later, Todd

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          Dan Egner

          Hi Todd,


          I think that 9.11 is a version number that is internal to Internet Explorer and the browser-driven monitors do not support that IE level.


          I see that for 9.10 there is some doc in the TM ART 4.2 Browser-Driven Web Monitoring Tutorial here:




          See this on page 4:


          Windows Internet Explorer 10 is currently not supported and when used, BMC TM ART Monitor Workbench will log an error message. Note that the internal version of Windows Internet Explorer 10 is "9.10", which is what will be displayed in the error message.




          Dan Egner

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            Thanks Dan for your reply.


            So it looks like IE 8 and IE 9  is supported.


            We are trying to utilize a MS server OS for the purposes of Terminal Services and SIlktest GUI monitors for execution servers.


            Do you know that this would work on MS Server 2008? (as opposed to MS server 2012 r2, with IE9)


            Thansk again, Todd

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              Dan Egner

              Hi Todd,


              With the baseline Windows Server 2008 I think all will be fine. But as you add updates to Windows you may find that later levels of IE are installed automatically. Sometimes the newer IE will have an option to allow you to easily disable the newer IE level and the older IE level is used. I Googled and found some articles on that.  Here is one.:




              Dan Egner

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                Hi Dan,


                Thanks again for your reply.


                I can imagine that the Development and playback tools (Workbench, et al) will continue to be supported beyond the EOL announcement as they are required. So will BMC or Microfocus have server 2012 in their sights for compatibility?


                Could I use MS server 2008 R2 or just 2008 and be compatible?


                Some of the Release Notes for 4.2 sp1 state that 'MS Server 2008' is usable but it doesn't explain what parts are compatible.


                Excerpt from Release Notes



                So the above lists MS server 2012 (not R2)works with ES components. Does that include the Browser Driven monitor?


                We have many MS server 2012 R2 machines ready for use with our tmart 4.2 sp1 as ES systems and need to decide what parts of TMART are and are not compatible?


                We have to decide to reverse direction and have the machines re-imaged with 2008 or 2008 R2 if 2012 r2 compatibility is a long way off.


                I am wondering if we can have a phone chat about these topics to further cement our plan for our new infrastructure?


                Thanks, Later Todd