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    Redhat Patching failed

    Siddu angadi



      I am getting the below error, when I execute Redhat patch analysis:


      STDERR: cat: rpm-includes.lst: No such file or directoryERROR::YUM dry run failedERROR::rhnlib conflicts with rhncfgERROR::cmd:  failed!


      Can someone please help me on this?





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          Monoj Padhy

          This is known issue.


          Here what I found in KB


          The error messages suggest that either:
          - blyum is not found on the target
          - blyum is found but some libraries, needed to run blyum, are missing
          - there is an authorization issue to run the job


          - Check that the ACLs are valid for the role on the target
          - Validate that the RSCD agent on the Linux target has version 8.0 or above.
          - Validate that the correct architecture of the Linux agent is installed. In particular, a 32-bit agent can install successfully on a 64-bit target but blyum will not install correctly. Use 64bit installer on 64bit target.
          (If items 2 or 3 are at fault, uninstall and reinstall the correct agent)



          In the solutions above are not helpful, then review error log in the staging directory (//target/<staging>/LinuxCatalog_XXX_[target]/analysis_err.log) for clearer error message to research further. If the new error message does not return any hits with a new search of the knowledge base, collect the following information prior to submitting a ticket:

          Logs to collect:
          Appserver and Agent: full version and arch
          From GUI: Patch Analysis Job log
          From target: rscd.log, and all clear text files from //target/<staging>/LinuxCatalog_XXX_[target]/ folder





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            Yanick Girouard

            The important part in your error is this: ERROR::rhnlib conflicts with rhncfg. Everything else can be ignored.


            Is this a RH Satellite Client by any chance?


            To know the full error, you should enable the DEBUG_MODE_ENABLED job property for the patching job, and run it again. The files generated by blyum will be saved on the app server in the $INSTALL_DIR/tmp/debug/<deployment_name>/<job name>/<run time>/<server name> directory.


            Look at the yum_analysis.res file and search for the conflict error. This is the raw output of yum and will be a bit more descriptive.

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              Yanick Girouard

              There are multiple things you could have done in the KB to fix it, what did you end up doing exactly?