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    Turning off the Java 2D system's use of Direct3D for the BSA Console Launcher may improve performance

    Yanick Girouard

      We had a ticket opened with BMC Support regarding occasional freezes in the BSA console after the role selection dialog (on Windows). We would click OK and the console would freeze and we would have to kill it. That was with version


      After a lot of troubleshooting we were told to provide a thread dump of the console and the app server when the issue occurred, which we did. After a quick analysis of the dumps, BMC immediately replied with a potential fix (which seemed to work so far):


      On a small subset of Windows systems with buggy Direct3D drivers, the use of Direct3D can cause a system crash. To turn off the use of Direct3D, set this property to false:



      If problems persist, try setting the ddoffscreen property to false.



      If that doesn't solve the problems, try setting noddraw to true.



      Please put  above setting in launcher.ini under installation dir ...\BMC Software\BladeLogic\CM\rcp\ Save it and re-launch Client.

      I have added all 3 settings just to be sure, and not only did it seem to have fixed the issue (in my case at least), it had another side-effect: My console became a lot more responsive. Everything seemed snappier, dialogs would draw faster then before and things that used to take a long time to draw (such as the job run log window of a big NSH Script Job with hundreds of lines of logs), were especially showing faster.


      My team also noticed some improvement when they tried the settings.


      I would be curious to know if others are also experiencing improvements as well with the responsiveness of the UI (everything related to the drawing of the UI components, dialogs and windows), when adding those 3 settings to their launcher.ini on Windows?


      Please add comments below to share your experience with those settings in place if you care to try.