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    Unable to start rscd 8.5 sp1 on RH 6.5 server

    Stephen Sweeney

      This is an odd problem... I am developing an installation package with a silent install script. During the development process I installed and un installed many times. At one point my package would no longer install... or un install. After checking, I found that the problem was that the rscd process would not start....


      I am new to Bladelogic, but I searched and read a lot of the docs here and nothing seem to match exactly. Here is my problem and conditions:


      This is a RH Linux 6.5 x64

      Agent is rscd 8.5 SP1

      SElinux is disabled


      When I try and start rscd I get the following:

      [root@ulvblgd01 tmp]# service rscd start       

      Starting Remote System Call Daemon (RSCD) ...



      And it stays stuck there....There are no logs created, and nothing in /var/log/messages.

      I have tried my install package on several other servers and they seem to work fine... So I believe that some remanent of an install is stuck somewhere and causing the startup to hang.


      here is the silent file I am using:


      export INSTALL_DIR






      export IS_KEYSTROKE_LOGS


      export INSTALL_BLPRNG


      export NSH_USER_FROM


      export NSH_USER_TO


      export NSH_INSTALL_SKEL



      And like I said... seems to work on all the other servers I have installed this on... Just this one stopped working for some reason.... But like I said, more than likely something I did during the development process....


      Oh, and yes I did try a reboot... Just in case.


      There are no errors in the BladeLogic_Install log... But it does stop at the same command as above:

      ===================== Starting the Agent =====================

      Starting the RSCD Daemon ...



      Thanks in advance for any help.