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    Remedy 8.1 - Can Email Templates be Modified to Accomodate both Reject Justification and Approval/Rejection via Email?

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      Our customer would like to:


      1. Require rejection justification for SRM requests

      2. Allow approvers to approve SRM requests via email


      From what I have read in the 8.1 documentation, you can only do one or the other.  If you require rejection justification, the Approve/Reject links are not displayed in the email notification, and the user is forced to log into Approval Central.  If you enable email approval/rejection, the option to require rejection justification must be set to 'No'.


      Can the email templates be modified so that if email-based approvals are enabled and rejection justification is required, that the email sent to approvers hides/removes the "Reject" link, but displays the "Approve" and "Launch Approver Central" links?


      Thanks in advance,