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    Work Order Worklog Notes in Email Notifications

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      Greetings!  I am attempting to insert the actual Work Order Worklog (Work Detail) Notes into email notifications.  We already have workflow that notifies the Assignee of a work order that the worklog has been updated.  Expanding upon that notification, I want to include the actual note that someone entered.  It works half of the time in Remedy 8.1.01--by that I mean that sometimes the Note displays in the email, and sometimes it does not and will appear blank.

      To accomplish this, I have performed the following steps:

      1. Add custom fields to the SYS:Form Field Selection Form.  You do this because you want to create new Menu Values to insert into the Notification Message Tag of your choice.  I used #Worklog Notes# as my menu value 2.
      2. Edit or Create a Notification Message Tag record in the SYS:Notification Messages form.  Here is where you will add the html of the message body and the menu value(s) you created from step 1.
      3. Create a filter in DEV Studio to translate the menu values you created.  Your Associated Form is NTE:SYS-NT Process Control, Execution will be sometime around 658-660 for Work Orders (I use 659), Run If Qualification will be 'Form Name01' = "WOI:WorkOrder", Actions will be Set Fields (Current Transaction as Source) that will place the value: REPLACE($z1D Translation Text$, "#Worklog Notes#", $Worklog Detailed Description$) into the 'z1D Translation Text' field.  In that Set Field action, you see that the $Worklog Detailed Description$ value from the NTE:SYS-NT Process Control form is being translated for the #Worklog Notes# tag in your Notification Message Tag record.  Making sense, yet?
      4. Now, insert the custom filter from step 3 into the OOTB Call Guide called: NTE:NPC:TranslateNTMessages.  Insert it in between NTE:NPC:TranslateNotificationMessageWOR_658 and 660.  This keeps things nice and organized!
      5. OK, here's where I run into trouble: How to get the worklog note that you happily typed into the Work Order Work Detail into the NTE:SYS-NT Process Control form into the 'Worklog Detailed Description' field.  I've tried custom filters and hijacking some ootb filters, but it doesn't always end up with my snazzy worklog note in my Outlook email.  I think my execution timing is incorrect and I need to pass this value at a very specific time in the workflow.  I'm noticing that when the email displays blank, i see in the server logs the NTE:NPC:ChkNotificationMsgExist_015 filter passes blank values and the NTE:NPC:ChkNotificationMsgExist=No_016 sets the z1D Action field as DELETE...not sure if this is related, but I do notice a difference in workflow between a good email (worklog notes display) and a blank one.  I am successful 80% of the time when I use a custom filter to push the values of $Detailed Description$ from WOI:WorkInfo into the 'Worklog Detailed Description' field of the NTE:SYS-Process Control form and do this at Execution 702...


      Has anyone accomplished this before, and/or can someone help guide me on getting the [Worklog] Detailed Description (the worklog note you entered into Work Detail) value from WOI:WorkInfo to NTE:SYS-Process Control form at the appropriate time for notifications to display the value 100% of the time?


      Thank you for everyone's input in advance!

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