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    Provisioning with PXE on server with two LAN connected

      Hello, I have PXE lan connected to HP blade server 1st NIC. 2nd NIC is connected to production environment.

      If I provision on 1st MAC there is no connection to App server. If I add 2nd NIC MAC to provisioning job, the provisioning go thru this production LAN, but post provisioning do not continue because, it is set to be thru 1st LAN (installation VLAN with PXE server).

      Why it choose this production network? On both is port 9831 open to app server.

      I am thinking about some port restricted port on build vlan (10.254.197...)

      What telnet ports and where I should test after installation?

      I can compare with virtual server where provisioning is working well.

      Also this occurs only on HP cabled server, not on virtual connect and virtual servers, even I create more NICs and connect them.

      one mac disabled nic.PNG