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    How does Out-Of-Band work in BLP

    Daniel Tharby

      Hi All,


      I have been attempting to work with a reboot of a server with some issues.

      Firstly this is BSA 8.5.00 and a Windows 2012 R2 Server.


      My BLP has 2 Powershell scripts sent to the target and then execute one, reboot and then execute the next.


      The option to Reboot after item deployment seems to cause a communication issue once the server comes back - the BLP just hangs.


      I have then tried a new external command ("Shutdown /r t 0") with the reboot set to Out-of-Band.
      The job options have been set to "Use item defined reboot setting".


      However the output in the commit phase would indicate that the reboot happened at the end of the job.


      Should the reboot no occur when it is scheduled and the BLP been recommenced on server start?