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    Difference between appserver.log and appserver_console.log

    Steffen Kreis



      i was just wondering what the technical difference between those two Log-Files is and was hoping somebody could share that information.




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          Monoj Padhy

          appserver log- captures all the activities in log generated by the activities performed on a specific application server.

          appserver console log (console log)-  A single BBSA client or console can be configured to connect multiple application servers.  So it would include logs related to all those application servers. Which all application servers are accessed and activities performed bla bla..... but to get the more details about the activities performed we may need to look for the specific application server log.

          When we create authentication profile, we provide which application server to connect.


          In addition to the appserver.log file, an Application Server running on Linux or Solaris can be configured to write all the standard output and standard error information into a file called console.log.


          The console.log file is useful for debugging, when certain output is not captured by the regular log files. The console.log file contains the same information as the appserver.log file, but in addition it also captures any output that does not go through the log4j logging system. For example, information such as the java thread dump and any messages generated by third party code used by the Application Server that logs messages to standard out/err.





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            Steffen Kreis

            Hi Blas,


            thx for your feedback. In the meantime i found the following explanation in the docs.


            "The console log file contains all information logged to the Application Server log, plus any information logged to the console. When you create a new Application Server, BMC Server Automation sets the console log file's name to the Application Server name plus "_console". This convention avoids conflicts when there are multiple Application Servers on the same host. If you edit this attribute, specify a name that is unique on the host. Console logging is enabled by default. To disable console logging, set the ConsoleLogfileName to be empty."