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    Chained SOCKS proxy question

    Mei Thuraisingham

      We have a chained socks proxy (DANTE on a suse linux server) configuration as follows:


      App Server -> Proxy Server 1 -> Proxy Server 2 -> RSCD Agents


      Proxy Server 2 as well as the Target nodes are added into BBSA. Looking at the sockd.conf file on Proxy Server 1, I'm unsure what to put so that Proxy Server 2 is not using Proxy Server 1 to route to the App Server i.e. to just have a direct connection


      For example,

      Proxy Server 1 =

      Proxy Server 2 =


      Would I put in the route section:


      # for Proxy Server 2 routing

      route {                                                                       

              from: to: port = domain via: direct             


      # for the Target nodes routing through Proxy Server 2

      route {

         from: to: via: port=1080

         command: connect


      Thanks for your help..