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    Trying to delete SRD, Remedy says active SRs exist

    Yvonne Thompson
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      Hey there.  I am in the process of attempting to import some SRDs from Acceptance to Test environments - but since they are edited rather than created entirely anew, I have to delete the old one.


      When I tried, I got the error: "This service request definition is referenced by an active service request and cannot be deleted. (ARERR 150122)"


      I checked in the Service Request Coordinator Console, even in the Service Request form itself, and all of the SRs related to that SRD have been closed/cancelled.


      I checked the filter SRD:SRD:Delete_SRDReferencedInSR_Error which controls this check, but it's checking if 'z1D Char09' != $NULL$.  Which is not a field in the table so I can't confirm the value.


      What can I do?


      Is the solution to import them as new all the time?  If so, what happens to the AOT/PDT references?  They would be broken right?  Could I delete the AOT/PDT without deleting the SRD so only the SRD would be renamed and the links retained?


      I'm out of ideas..