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    Installing AIX Agent on HMC

    Mark Casey

      I have a question on how this works in the BSA console.


      We have multiple Power frames, and I want to get an idea of how to tell my *IX admins on how the agent(s) will need to be installed. After reading through the Installation document, I think I get an idea what we SHOULD install the Agent on one LPAR PER FRAME to act as a proxy to run HMC commands against the frame to provide visibility into the child objects of that HMC.


      Having little to no AIX knowledge, some of the parts of this are a little fuzzy, but I have some followup questions.


      Will the results of the above configuration result in the child objects of the HMC being populated into the BSA console as a Live Browseable server? I know the way we have our vCenter server setup is that we have the RSCD agent running on it, and after sending some configuration objects to it, I can live browse vCenter and drill down into the underlying VMs, but in order to see those VMs in the console tree itself, I need to install the RSCD agent on the VM itself also. Does the same thing apply to the LPARs?


      Thanks very much for your input on this.



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          Vinoth Chelliah Mohan


          Yes Correct, Same like vCenter.

          • In BSA have options to Add a frame into server workspace and distribute IBM CO.
          • After distribution, Live browse the frame will list all the LPAR's (like vm) on it. As same as VM you can install agent on the LPAR and add as server.
          • Right click the frame and run HMC command as well.




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            Mark Casey



            Thanks for you response. I have a follow-up question. If we are going to be installing the agents on the LPARs to get them to list as a server, can we also install the agent on the VIOs?




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              Vinoth Chelliah Mohan

              Yes you can install AIX agent on VIOs server >2.0 version.



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                Mark Casey

                I have some followup questions from our AIX admin:


                1) install RSCD agent on the AIX server. Will a NIM server ok to do this? Or a new server would be ideal???


                2) as per notes if one proxy can be used for more than one server. can the physical server aka frame be of different model and firmware?


                3) do we have to create a user on all AIX server for the bladmin etc or only on the proxy server will serve the purpose.

                If you could answer those, that would be great.

                Aside from her questions, I have some thoughts... From the notes above in previous responses, we really don't gain anything by installing the "proxy" other then being able to browse the child objects through the live browse. What I really need is to have all the objects in the console for inventory and reporting, which would require an agent on all the objects.

                So, really, the biggest question would be, we know the agent can be installed on the LPARs, and the VIO servers, the only other "piece" would be the HMC, right?

                If those are all the pieces to get the complete inventory of a frame for reports, can one agent installer job be used across all those child devices?



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                  Mark Casey

                  Is there a way to install or push the Linux and AIX remotely through the BSA console?